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A hiking boot that dives?
rough beach, have bruised their heels on some
sharp rock.  Or felt their foot slipping sideways
inside their boots while hiking along a steep trail
to reach the water.  Or feel tentative about
moving around in flimsy sport booties.
High Tide thought it was time to create a serious
boot for those divers who have to walk a ways to
reach those secluded dive sites.  We built our
boot around a cleated hiking boot sole.  This
boot not only features a raised heel on the sole
but includes a hollow grid network inside which
absorbs shock or pointy objects like a high end
athletic shoe.   (We’ve even had customers step
on nails and be untouched!)  You will never
bruise your foot again!  On top of the grid is a
thick 8.0 mm foam neoprene liner to keep your
feet warm.
Beneath the foam liner is a built-in arch support.  Side rails are molded into the perimeter of this design to keep your feet
firmly inside the boot – no more side-slipping when you are hiking along a slanted path.  A fin strap keeper is located on the
back to hold your fins in place. And to protect the neoprene from chafing, we’ve covered the heel and toes with heavy
vulcanized rubber.  Finally, an oversize #10 YKK zipper with water-tight gasket behind it helps you get in and out of these
We proudly call our boot the RANGER.  It is in wide use by police, military and white water rescue teams, as well as
thousands of serious divers.  And many drysuit divers wear them over their soft dry socks, preferring them to the lace-up
overboots since the RANGER is much warmer, quicker to don and cannot come untied.
 Of course, our RANGER is made
from commercial grade neoprene with two layers of titanium foil and is glued and sewn carefully.  It is a full and true 6.5 mm
thick (unlike many boots which claim to be 6.5 mm but measure out far less) which means your feet will never be warmer
underwater unless you dive a drysuit.

The 6.5 mm RANGER is available in sizes SM through 4XL    Price- $84.95
The Ranger Boots
High Tide Dry Suits, Inc.